People Like Us & Wobbly: Music For The Fire (CD, Illegal Art, June 2010)

This is a huge amount of fun. Vikki Bennett and Jon Leidecker have done something quite rare: they have dug up countless old records, films, radio and television programmes, and who knows what else, and done a massive cut-and-paste job, and ended up with a work of great musicality and humour, and one which makes sense — its own crazy hyperactive sense, sure, but sense nonetheless. Hell, it's even quite emotional at times. It's great to hear what I gather we're supposed to call plunderphonics where the technique is much more than a gimmick. The quality of the editing here is astonishing, done with pinpoint precision, so the joins are audible without being jarring. There's just one weak passage for me, where they descend into Cassetteboy-style crudeness (I love Cassetteboy, but the cheap sexual punning is out of place here). Otherwise, it's hectic, smart, and very rewarding.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Electronic.