Danny Norbury: Light In August (CD, Lacies, June 2009)

Norbury combines delicate piano and soaring cello, and does so in a charmingly melodic fashion. He shows no ambition to soar to the heights or plumb the depths, but the music is sincerely emotional. If I sound restrained in my praise, it's because this is possibly a little restrained for my taste. Reviews have compared it to Peter Broderick's Float, but it lacks that works scale and cohesive structure, and is instead (as far as I can tell) a collection of ten chamber pieces. I first came across Norbury when Robag Wruhme used his Speak Memory to open his splendid Kompakt mix Wuppdeckmischmampflow. I'm disappointed that he seems more effective in that context than on his own album.

I bought this from Boomkat. They call it Home Listening / Modern Classical / Ambient.